TaoWander was created to help people find special holistic retreats that encompass the mind body and spirit.  If you have found my page by accident, perhaps you are ready to take a new journey in your personal health and wellness.  If you have found my page on purpose, then you already know what to do. 😉

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What if you could have a custom-tailored wellness vacation experience of your dreams?

At TaoWander, I want to help people get exactly what they want in terms of wellness.  Whether you’ve been struggling to find your unique purpose, fulfilling a bucket list experience, learning how to eat better, lose weight, stop drinking or take time out.  Whatever it is, I can help you create a fulfilling and unique vacation package that is custom tailored for you( or your group).

Just answer the questions below and I will provide you with 1-3 different packages depending on the specifics of your needs.

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Health and Wellness Travel

Best Wellness and Holistic Retreats for Mind Body and Spirit

TaoWander makes it easy to find holistic retreats that encompass your mind body and spirit. Our hand picked wellness retreats help to bring our attention to nature, spirituality and personal healing.

We offer the best spiritual retreats and and wellness vacation packages including healing retreats for depression, guided spiritual retreats and peaceful getaways for your health and wellbeing. In addition, for active souls we offer eco adventure tours and animal volunteer work abroad which encompass the love of animals, nature and their healing capacity.

"The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it." -Jacques Yves Cousteau

Holistic health is not just a fad, it’s a consequence of living in stressful times.

As we have become more engrossed in technology, the time has come for us to bring nature back into our lives and integrate it into our daily activities. When we spend time in nature, we get in tune with the self.



We hand pick our holistic healing retreats to find the best.

Wellness Retreats

We choose retreats that are designed to serve your health and wellbeing, as well as bring ecological awareness.

Diverse Activities

We like adventure, meditation, yoga, kayaking, plant medicine, hiking, swimming, dancing, connecting…

Affordable Wellness Retreats & Luxury Wellness Retreats

We like to mix it up and provide natural healing retreats based on the desired experience. Find affordable all inclusive vacations to bespoke luxurious wellness.

Sustainable Travel, Responsible Travel

The best thing we can do for the planet is promote retreats that are green, eco-friendly and create an awakening for spiritual consciousness.

Giving Back

A portion of our profits go to earth friendly charities. We also support volunteer organizations making a difference for animals.


Have any questions? Please ask! We want you to have the best experience. When you prosper, we prosper.

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