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Are You Old Or Just Dehydrated?

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As I travel a lot, I come across a lot of amazing people, places and things!  Last summer, while visiting my dear friend Doug in Burbank, California, I was introduced to an amazing Japanese designed water filtration system called Kangen.

Being skeptical at first about this technology, I was like “ok, interesting.”  Doug and I enjoy talking about a lot of health issues and we love talking about the innate “intelligence of water“.

Doug had been using Kangen for a few years and LOVED IT!  He went on and on about it and loved giving it to his cats as well.  I thought, “Well, let’s try it out and see for myself.”

Water Is Intelligent

I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Emoto for years – I even made a t-shirt to promote it because I feel it is so important.  Dr. Emoto discovered that when you talk to water, it changes it shape and actually re-structures depending on what you say to it (and the energy behind what you say).

Many people have also discovered the power of water through the rice experiment.  If you type “rice experiment” in youtube, you will find many videos.

Kangen Water To The Test

I still talk to my water daily, like many people talk to plants.  However, one thing that I noticed before I arrived in Burbank is that my nails had gotten very thin and peeling.  My hair was also getting a bit brittle and my skin was dry despite drinking loads of water!

As soon as I began drinking Kangen, I started to see noticeable differences in my hair, skin and nails.  I was thrilled that my nails were no longer peeling as it can be quite painful if they peel too low.

My diet has been almost entirely vegan for 3 years and have had excellent health.  Nothing had changed in my diet when I went to Burbank.  The only major difference was drinking Alkaline water!  Doug raved about it all the time and I really couldn’t say much until I noticed the difference in my own body!

Suzanne Daley Hollywood

By the time I left Burbank, my hair was shiny, my nails were strong and my skin was glorious!

I left Burbank at the end of September and came to Edmonton, Alberta.  After a couple of months of drinking regular tap water, I noticed a major difference in my hair, skin and nails again.  Only this time, not so pleasant!  All the same symptoms of thinning, peeling nails, brittle hair and dry skin I had BEFORE I started the Kangen water had returned.

Why Does Kangen Water Work So Well?

The photo below does a great job at simplifying how our body absorbs the nutrients we give it.

According to Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D. Director, Water Institute of Japan, Ionized water is more readily absorbed by the body than untreated tap water due to the electrolysis which reduces the water cluster.
“This ionized water quickly permeates the body and blocks the oxidation of biological molecules by donating its abundant electrons to active oxygen, enabling biological molecules to replace themselves naturally without damage caused by oxidation that can cause illness.”

Valentines Day Gift To Me

How fitting that on Valentine’s Day, I get my own Kangen machine! By the way, even though this machine is meant to be stationary, you can travel with it as it can easily be installed at another location.

As I am a digital nomad, I do plan on travelling with this machine and taking it with me to places especially if I plan on staying awhile and selling to others.  This technology is too important and must be shared!

Please check out this video I made on the Art and Magic of Water!

By the way, I should mention that despite being 1/2 a century old, I truly believe that having a healthy whole food plant based diet in combination with Kangen, yoga and other forms of exercise is what keeps me in the best shape and the best physical health.  I’m in better shape now than I was when I was in my 20s!

In addition to having units that are for home use, the Enagic Group that sells Kangen also sells special units for restaurants, hotels and all hospitality.  It is my goal to bring this technology to as many places as I can across the globe to get people interested in what they put into their body and for all of us collectively to care more for ourselves and the planet.

Think of how many bottles of water we can reduce just by carrying our own water!  No need to carry toxic water bottles around.

bottled water vs kangen

Why Should You Have Kangen Water In Your Home or Business?

Having witnessed water debacles in Canada and the USA from the Love Canal to the current crisis in Flint, Michigan, it is self-evident that government is NOT always interested in taking care of our most precious resource.  Also, I can tell by the taste when water isn’t good.  Edmonton city water has always been bad from my memory.  However, this time it tasted even worse, especially having been on Kangen Water for awhile.

Below are two articles on the problems with our water in Canada and the United States.


Having been in some of the most pristine water environments in my travels, I know the difference between bad water and good.  Water captivates every sense sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and belief.  My belief that water can heal you or do the opposite is true.  We can do better!

Kangen Water For Health and Wellness

As I am a new distributor, I am still learning more and more about the benefits of this incredible healing water as my team continually sends me more information.  I will continue to blog about the benefits as I move forward.

If you want to learn more about Kangen on how it can help you, please call me at 480-273-2623 or connect with me on messenger.

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May you be blessed in your health and wellbeing!

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