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Healing Skin Cancer With Eggplant, Vinegar and Kangen Water 🙏

healing skin cancer naturally

☝️☝️☝️ Whoever thought I would do a blog about healing skin cancer?!

Awhile back on December 8, 2019, I posted on Instagram that I had a basal cell carcinoma on my face, located near my left eye.  At first, I wasn’t going to talk about it and just go about my business, but I decided to post that photo back in December to show the condition it was in and that I was in the process of doing alternative medicine for healing skin cancer.

As a wellness travel influencer, the best thing I can do is talk about any health problems that may be happening because a) I want to be transparent about who I am and b) , it is a 100% wellness issue.

Although I have had a “mostly healthy” lifestyle for years (prior to 2015, I still ate meat and drank alcohol, but limited it to 4 days a week), I realized that there were things in my diet that didn’t need to be there.  After watching “What The Health”, “Cowspiracy”, “PlantPure Nation” and others, it was becoming clear to me that any kind of protein from an animal was not going to be good for me.

Even though I have been mostly vegetarian and alcohol free for 4 years, I could still get rid of the dairy and occasional fish.

I posted this photo on instagram.  Most people responded very positively to my post.  However, there was at least one person who suggested that I should just cut it out.

Many People Have Healed Their Own Skin Cancer

Healing skin cancer has been done by many others in many different ways including a famous Canadian known as Rick Simpson! His RSO (Rick Simpson oil or cannabis oil) is famous all over the world!  There are others who have cured their cancers with iodine, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, frankincense oil and other interesting cures.

Although I have been living for 10 years in the USA, I was now in Canada where I could get the skin cancer cut out and it would all be paid for by the medical system.  Sounds great, right?  Free healthcare, no problem.

However, free healthcare has a potential dark side as well.  There are still many doctors that do not know or practice any kind of wellness or nutrition.  This is largely because nutrition is rarely even addressed in medical school.  Or if it is, it is a 1/2 day class! WTF???


How is it that most modern medicine graduates begin their careers with taking the “Hippocratic Oath” and yet, don’t understand “doing no harm”?

Hippocratic Oath

How is it that the majority of doctors missed the quote by Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“???  Just asking!!!???

Even before I came to the USA, I usually paid for my healthcare with alternative medicine. I don’t mind paying, when I know it is coming from a healing approach vs invasive surgery and/or dangerous drugs.

That being said, to be as kind as possible to Canadian Health Care, I am glad that there are some courageous and beautiful souls who do practice medicine with Hippocrates in mind.  Those are the doctors that I choose to evolve with.  I do believe that the future is vegan and that eventually we will all evolve to a plant based health care system.

One thing about Canadian Health Care that I appreciate is this… if you have an accident, you don’t have to go bankrupt.  That’s my #1 reason for appreciating free healthcare.  But when it comes to disease, you may want to consider finding alternative doctors or at least one that understands that your diet matters!

Addressing The Root Problem of Cancer

I understand why someone would recommend cutting out, as cancer is in fact a dis-ease that can turn into something worse and that is what people have been doing for years and surviving. Sounds great in theory.  But cutting does NOT address the root problem.

That being said, this particular patch was near my left eye and was definitely of concern. I did not want to risk a bad cosmetic outcome and require plastic surgery later to fix the unsightly spot.  As well, invasive surgery may cause further problems later.  I want to get to the root of the problem.

There are two different ways of addressing the root problem.  I knew I needed to think both in spiritual terms and in physical terms.  I read a book many years ago by Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life“. 👈👈👈 (FREE AUDIOBOOK)

This book was truly transformational is me wanting to know the root cause of disease.  I have also experienced and witnessed overnight healings with myself and others for various ailments.

The spiritual aspect of disease should also be looked into while doing your best in the physical.  Good health and wellbeing comes from a holistic perspective of mental, physical and spiritual progress.

Alkaline vs Acidic Diet

Knowing that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment, it was time to make more life changes!

cancer otto heinrich

Having witnessed my father go through prostate cancer, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. But I knew that I didn’t need to rush and be stupid about it either.  Patience is the key!

Iodine Is An Amazing Element

It should be known that I did try another treatment in October 2019 using iodine and alternating with baking soda based on other people who had tried it with success. I tried this for almost 90 days and for some reason it stopped working.  (BTW… if you think you are low on iodine, you can do a patch test.  Thyroid, breast and prostate cancers show up in people who don’t have enough iodine – Do your research!)

Even though this method didn’t work for me, I did get an interesting and wonderful side effect.  For years, I had been suffering from leg cramps which I thought was because I wasn’t absorbing magnesium very well.  I tried epsom salt baths, magnesium sprays, supplementation and although they felt good, did not stop my leg cramps.  The moment I started using the iodine, my leg cramps stopped!  So, despite it not working as a topical treatment for skin cancer, it cured my leg cramps!

I was a little discouraged that I had worked 3 months on the iodine treatment without a positive final outcome.  But being the person I am, I was determined to find another solution.

I had already been eating a mostly vegan diet, only having occasional cheese and butter and the odd piece of fish (only at restaurants).  Since January 2020, I am eating only whole food plant based lifestyle.  I removed 99% of the acid forming foods and now also drink highly alkaline water with my new Kangen machine starting February 14th.

My New Plant Based Lifestyle healing skin cancer

On January 11, 2020, I started the new plant-based treatment and I was excited!

eggplant cancer cure

Yes, eggplant and vinegar are the ingredients for healing skin cancer naturally (at least for me).  All you need to do is cut up the eggplant and put it in a glass jar with vinegar.  Let it sit for 3 days and start putting it on the affected area.

(By the way… this treatment was inspired by someone who used the BEC-5 cream, a special formulated cream based on eggplant that also addresses skin cancer very successfully.  See this youtuber’s great success!)

It should be known that I would usually only wear the bandaid for 2-3 hours at a time.  Only once or twice did I wear it overnight.  I found that it was not necessary to do that as I preferred the night time to be more about healing and allowing sleep to be the natural healer.

The nice thing about this treatment is that the eggplant only goes after the skin that is cancerous.  It does not go after healthy skin.  As it was healing though, I would find that the vinegar reddened the skin a bit, but it was still very effective in closing the wound.

healing skin cancer

This treatment took exactly 44 days and is 99% gone.  I am satisfied that this treatment has been highly successful!

I’m going to continue drinking 9.0 Alkaline water and topically apply Kangen water 2.5 acid.   Truly, this water has been so effective in helping me absorb the nutrients of my plant based diet!  Our tap water, nor is bottled water good enough to help us absorb nutrients as there are too many toxins that actually interfere with absorption.  Please read my blog on “Are You Old, Or Just Dehydrated?

I know that everybody has got to do their own thing when it comes to their own dis-ease.

I am an avid researcher healing skin cancer and know that if I created this problem, I can also find a way to fix it.

Healing skin cancer wasn’t on my life plan list, but I’m glad I have found a way.  I just want it to be known that whatever the doctor says, does NOT have to be the final truth.

I learned from my father about healing skin cancer who was given 1.5 to 2 years to live after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Although he lost his battle in 2001, he ended up living 10 years and used a variety of alternative protocols.  I believe that with the support systems that there are now for alternative medicine and with some different options, he may be alive today.

That being said, his life span went well beyond his prognosis and this is something I see a lot with people.  Keeping an open mind to learning new ways of healing is your best defense against any disease.  Or better yet, learn from Olivia Newton John and make peace with your dis-ease.

#Gratitude about healing skin cancer

I want to give special thanks to some people in my life who have directly or indirectly supported me in my wellness Journey.  My mother who taught me to think for myself, Judy for being a good cheerleader, Gwen for being a good friend, Doug for introducing me to Kangen and to my wellness travel fans on social media!

FYI… Please research your own disease and know that there is more than one way to solve a problem.  One of my favorite resources is earthclinic.com.

DISCLAIMER:  Information and advice is based on my own research and experiences. Please consult your physician or other qualified health professional before doing treatments of any kind.

The information presented in this website is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Your physician should be aware of all medical conditions that you may have, as well as the medications or supplements you may be taking.

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(8) Comments

  1. Edward Odonnell

    Did the eggplant tincture cure the lesion 100% eventually? Thank you

    1. taowander

      Hi Edward… sorry for the late response. All healed 100%. I had another spot near the inside of my eye and I cured it the same way. Except I picked at it a bit while it was healing and I have a small scar – but hardly noticeable to anybody. Lesson to self – don’t pick at it! 🙂

  2. Lynn Fraley

    Amazing and fantastic! And practically free! Oh, but you cut out the middlemen …. Congratulations. Make it a book.

    1. taowander

      Haha…if I do write a book, it will be a children’s book. Thank you so much for responding and YES, we can cure ourselves when we want to, with the farmacy from the garden.

  3. scott w francis

    Hi. Was the bcc treatment 100% effective, and when? Just cover cut up eggplant with raw apple cider vinegar for 3 days, strain and use the solution on a gauze pad and band aid for a few hours at a time? Continuously or how frequently? Skin healing occurred while using the solution? I share your approach to health.

    Please email me, Scott

    1. taowander

      Sorry for the delayed response. (I get too much spam). 100% healed – no problems since. I did not use apple cider vinegar – just plain white vinegar. I kept the eggplant on my skin for at least 3 hours at a time. You can feel it working. I did it everyday consistently. Skin healing occurred while using the solution. Keep the solution refrigerated for best results.

  4. Wendy

    I’m doing the eggplant vinegar on a squamous cell carcinoma on my ear. Just wondering – although I keep the main jar (that I blended the pulp and vinegar up in so it’s applesauce consistency) in the refrigerator – I transfer it to small 3 day vials that I keep out at room temp to treat the spot. Did you always keep yours refrigerated and use it directly that way or keep out at room temp. Just wondering if the EV loses it effectiveness if left out for three days. How are you doing now? Is your spot healed?

    1. taowander

      Hi Wendy, Thanks for your response. (Sorry for the delay in responding as there’s loads of spam to sort through) I kept mine in the fridge. I didn’t blend it as I found it easy to attach a small piece of the eggplant to the spot. I cured 2 different spots this way. I had once left it out for a few days and I felt that it didn’t work as well. I’m so glad that you found it effective for you too! 🙂 Plant medicine is so amazing.

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