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Incredible Holistic and Healing Retreats to Discover in 2018

make organic olive oil retreat

As we get closer to 2020, we are definitely seeing a massive shift in the way people want to live and in quality holistic and healing retreats.  In particular, people are seeking more wellness travel experiences and healing vacation packages.  Although the majority of us …

6 Reasons People Choose Plant Medicine For Healing

Ayahuasca retreat

So you’re thinking about having plant medicine for healing? Ayahuasca, psilocybin, wachuma (san pedro) and marijuana are just some of the plant medicines offered at a plant medicine natural healing retreat.  Places like Peru, Columbia, Hawaii, Jamaica are just some of the places people consider travelling …

3 Reasons Why Wellness Travel for the Mind Body and Spirit Is On The Rise

Travel for Health

Why are more and more people choosing wellness travel for mind body and spirit?   A health wellness vacation provides escapes that heal the body and expand the mind.  The ultimate goals are to experience a conscious transformation.  People are choosing a surprising variety of destinations some …