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Sometimes life offers us immense challenges.  What’s better than to have an animal friend who can help us face those challenges and allow us to see ourselves in a whole new light through their reflection?  This can happen when we choose travel experiences where we interact with animals.

Animals are incredible at sensing us in ways that we do not always understand.  That’s why they are the perfect healers for us.  How many studies have shown us that our dogs and cats calm our hearts and help our stresses?  You can read about one here by James Van Prague, a spiritual medium who has helped many people.

You can also see this magnificent example below (right) of how a humpback whale saved a woman’s life! Clearly, these immense creatures want to help us.

Animals have shown to help people with all sorts of issues from loneliness to patients recovering from surgery or illness.  Watch this short video from Jemma Pritte, animal communicator, and her experiences of witnessing people healing from wild dolphins.  You can go to her retreat of swimming with dolphins in Kona, Hawaii!

We can learn a lot from animals and it can be especially profound when you choose travel experiences to experience healing.  Choosing a healing with animals travel experience will be remembered for years to come.