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Luxury wellness travel is on the rise.  From customized wellness packages including healing hotels, opulent spas, yoga retreats and holistic healing of all modalities, there are many global cultural and spiritual journeys to be found that provide a great deal of healing.

Luxury travel experiences vary, whether its visiting a Safari Wellness Retreat in South Africa or detoxing at an wellness retreat in Thailand or enjoying a Blissful Detox Cleanse Retreat and Relaxation in Kerala, India your body will love you.  There are many luxury travel packages to choose from.

The main difference between typical luxury travel versus luxury wellness travel is “mindfulness”.

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world…” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Health and Wellness Spas and Retreats

If you are seeking health and wellness spas and retreats, then you have found the right spot. From soothing pain spots in your body, challenging yourself with hikes, learning yoga or getting on a health and wellness diet plan, the luxury wellness experience is available to you.

Treat yourself to a total retreat of relaxation and self-discovery at luxury spa getaways.  On a luxury wellness retreat, you will be blending rest, relaxation, reflection, exploration, bliss and healing.

Our day to day lives often contain many stresses.  We watch TV and the computer, sitting for hours on end. It is important to look after yourself and practice improved health and wellbeing. To find the balance of health, beauty, discovery and conscious transformation is the joy of discovering luxury wellness travel.

There is something truly restorative and soulful about just being in new surrounds with beautiful sunsets, the smell of the ocean air, the taste of beautiful organic produce, the touch of sand or the sounds of the forest.  There are many luxury resort vacations with wellness in mind.  Nature is the biggest and best healer!