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Enjoy Raw Vegan Food and Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece - 8 Days

Seeking a raw vegan food retreat in paradise?

Enjoy the outstanding ancient natural beauty of Crete in spring with this wonderful raw vegan food retreat. Spend a week in the most natural, full of beautiful wild flowers and positive energy environment in South Crete. With this raw vegan food and holistic therapies retreat, you will find your inner self.  Feel yourself becoming rejuvenated, calmer, and healthier through a better lifestyle. You will even be able to see small snow cups on the top of Psiloritis mountain combined with the most breath taking view of the Cretan sea.

Times are changing and it is so much easier today to embrace the concept of a vegan lifestyle. This beautiful retreat is ideal for vegans as well as those transitioning to vegan diet. You can expect organic, phyto-nutrient rich raw vegan food and you will find yourself feeling satisfied at every meal. The food will provide you greater energy as well as providing you indulgent gourmet treats. Allow your palette to open to a whole new world of flavors.

Transitioning to raw vegan diet is a wonderful experience if you are ready.  Once you get going, you can expect your energy levels to soar and aches and pains to subside.  The bonus for many is that your weight will balance to a healthy number as you will be receiving dense nutrients from whole foods.

Being at natural healing retreat is a great place to transition to a raw vegan menu.  You have all the support and inspiration to stay grounded in your new raw food diet. The group will ensure that you’re fueling yourself with enough calories and nutrition on a daily basis.  The best part about being at the retreat is that you also get to get in touch with nature with hikes, learn about holistic therapies and organic skin care!

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plant based diet
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