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Guided Astral Projection “Darkness Retreat” in Sasbachwalden, Germany - 10 Days

Want to Find Your Inner Light? Try a Guided Astral Projection Experience in the Dark.

This special guided astral projection retreat or “Darkness Retreat” experience is a form of spiritual meditation in the dark to attune yourself to higher spiritual development and experience your inner light.  The retreat takes place at a special retreat center known as ‘Quelle der Kraft’ (Source of Power) in Sasbachwalden, Germany.  In this retreat, you will spend several hours in the dark each day.

From the symbolic side, the darkness acts like a mirror. Our daily lives are so stimulated by so many distractions that our inner selves are veiled. In the darkness, the veil becomes invisible and allows for accessing deeper realms within. This also paves the way to experiencing the astral worlds with our physical eyes and ears.

This intense experience happens with a group of 12 people. When we open up to the darkness, we can find ourselves. For 10 days, you will retreat into the darkness. During this time, you have daily support from your teachers. There will be mantra recitation and learning about different methods of provoking astral travel experiences.

The pre-Buddhist bön religion describes this practice as the “royal road to meditation”, as it is a powerful exercise. For some it is the primordial way to enlightenment.  The joy of being in the dark for a long time, makes the inner light becomes physically visible. Due to the intensity of this retreat, being able to rely on guided support is of great importance which is provided to the group.

The “Darkness Retreat” provides an opportunity for provoking enlightening spiritual experiences.

Astral projection beginners - corinna-glanert

Some of the things you may learn and experience:

  • A deeper sense of self before returning to your inner core
  • Mindful meditation techniques
  • Being able to observe your mental processes
  • The space to see the sensations of primal sound and light
  • The opportunity to see and feel visitations by spirit entities, deceased, light beings or forces of nature
  • Sensing the void, death experiences, reincarnation, astral travel, out of body experiences and/or sensing a second energetic body

As nutrition is important during these retreats, organic high grade raw food is offered. You can also choose to fast during your retreat, which is likely to intensify your experience. This retreat is meant to detoxify your body and release old emotions and great for astral travel beginners.

This is a once a year event.  Next year it is September, 2019.

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The Trip Cost Includes

  • 10 days of learning to astral travel, sense primal light and sound, see and feel visits from spirit and finding a deeper sense of self
  • Includes 3 wholesome smoothies per day
  • Physical and mental detoxification
  • Guided meditations

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Trip Insurance
  • Lovingly prepared organic raw food catering may be booked for additional $410

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Guided Astral Projection “Darkness Retreat” in Sasbachwalden, Germany
From $ 2,050
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Yearly: September 2019
  • Astral Projection & Discovering Your Inner Light
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