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Learn the Spiritual Secrets of Beekeeping in Lithuania - 6 Days

Learn about the spiritual secrets of beekeeping in Lithuania in this *sweet* 6 day/5 night tour.  This includes visiting 3 amazing European cities: 2 nights in Vilnius, 1 night in Kaunas, 1 night in Druskininkai.

Keeping In Touch With Nature

At TaoWander, we went out of our way to find this incredible tour because we feel that our health and wellbeing is owed to these extraordinary creatures!  This is our way of giving back to our mother earth and sharing the secrets of honey beekeeping for beginners.  Our planet is null and void without them. The joy that they can bring through their sweet honey and pollination of flowers is beyond compare.

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

It was believed that bees choose the hosts by themselves, therefore they become a corporate property of the old beekeeper and homestead, where the new cluster is  created.  Owners become friends. Thus began a beautiful friendship of man and bee, which gave the new noble word – “Bičiulis“ (friend).


The apiary, known as NINE HONEY is in a remote place near Kukiai forest glade in (the ethnic region of) Aukštaitija, Lithuania. Everyone knows this region for its tree-covered hills, dotted lakes and open-hearted people. In this marvelous scenery, this is where you make Lithuanian original honey from the beautiful honeybees.

Learning the spiritual secrets of beekeeping in Lithuania on this very special tour, will give you a sense of awe and gratitude towards these beautiful little pollinators.  They are natures fairies, sprinkling their dust of love and reminding you of the importance of connecting to nature.

This is both a spiritual travel experience and sustainable tourism option with TaoWander.

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Trip Facts

plant based diet
Ready to heal