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Learn Yoga and The Secrets to Make Organic Olive Oil in Apulia, Italy - 7 Days

Have you every wondered how to make organic olive oil?  This very special retreat in Apulia, Italy helps us rediscover the simplicity of rural life.  Set in the amazing Italian countryside, you can reflect on the path of our ancestors.  Recognizing that there is a spiritual bond between us and Mother Earth, this holistic and healing retreat experience gives you the opportunity for deep conscious transformation and purification in a natural setting.

Make Organic Olive Oil and Enjoy the Olive Harvest In Italy

This eco-spiritual travel experience is an invitation to participate in the olive harvest for pressing and production of 100% organic Italian extra virgin olive oil.  It is also a soulful journey to meet the love energy field of amazing master healers wishing to share with others, reconnect their whole body to the love of Gaia (mother earth).

Highlights of this Amazing Journey

  • Learn about the ancient path of worship Mother Earth as the Living Goddess
  • Energetic and spiritual work with some of the most ancient trees in the world
  • Learn about the sacred knowledge of how to make olive oil
  • Discover the wild nature of Apulia and enjoy the natural healing power of the pristine Mediterranean sea water.
  • Practice yoga outdoor in touch with nature, sea and ancient trees.
  • Learn more about multidimensional meditation to open your heart field and re-connect the spiritual bond between your soul and Gaia’ Spirit.
  • Let go of stress, negative vibrations and negative patterns with the healing power of sound and crystals singing bowls.
  • Restore strength and vigor to the heart, the bones and the immune system thanks to the excellent and highly nutritious raw materials (among which extra virgin olive oil stands out) of the Mediterranean Diet.
  • Enjoy and dance at the traditional and ancient “Olive’s feast” which is celebrated in Martano

Best Mediterranean Diet

The retreat is located in an area of Italy called Salento, which is a very rural and peasant culture still very rooted in ancient Mediterranean traditions.  Blessed by strong earthly energy (the dragon’s lay-line crosses the Salento region), nature’s elements are always speaking.

You will be preparing and consuming healthy food based on the Mediterranean diet and organic produce from the territory.  You will learn about the natural cycles of the land, the seasons, moon and sun energies and following the teachings of the Master Farmer known as “Mesci”.

During this retreat, you will practice holistic and spiritual activities to be in touch with nature.  This includes meditation, yoga and sound healing focused on opening the heart to unified love energy field of Mother Earth.  This helps create a space of natural and spontaneous energetic healing.

Connecting With Trees

You will be working on the connective energy of the Master Olive Trees, which are outstanding healers of the human energy body.

make organic olive oil with irene devi ma paiYour facilitator is Irene Devi Ma Pai.  She is a spiritual healer who has learned vibrational healing, sound healing, energy therapy, mysticism, intuitive astrology, mediumship, Tantra Shaktas, Gnosticism, Theosophy, sacred geometry, divine femminine paths, yoga and meditation.  She provides powerful peaceful and uplifting feelings through her voice and chanting.  While connected to the subtle realms through her pure heart, she uses sound healing and channeling crystalline frequencies for healing.

Sound Healing with Bowls

She has been initiated by the Tantra Master Shri Param Eswaran to the sacred science of Tantra Sakta and Para-Tan Sound Healing.  She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a passionated conscious dancer with an extensive 5 rhythms dance practice.

With her extensive energy and sound healing with bowls, she brings wisdom, peace, spiritual awareness, and guidance.  She brings her powerful intuition and transformative divine feminine energy to her workshops and retreats. Her focus is to re-connect people with the ancient wisdom of the Earth.

Food of the Gods – A journey into the sacredness of the olive tree

Every October and November in Italy, there are olives being harvested to make the most valuable Italian extra virgin olive oil.  Most of the Italian extra virgin olive oil comes from Tuscany and Apulia.  The ancient tradition of extracting olive oil comes from the ancient cultures of the Etruscans and Messapians that still exists today.

Learn The Ancient Secrets of Olive Oil Making

The rural and peasant cultures still understand the strong connection between the land and the people and recognize the olive tree as sacred.  In Puglia, some of the olive Master Trees are over 1000 years old!  Every olive oil tree is almost defended with life by the peasant Masters!

Olive oil is still considered food for the Gods due to its anti-aging properties and ability to keep the heart young.

Are you ready to renew your spirit, discover the ancient and simple of life in the amazing Italian countryside?

This holistic travel experience considers the overall consciousness of Mother Earth and our part in the transformation.  The mind body and spirit must be engaged to achieve holistic wholeness.  You have used it for a long time in your cooking.  Now is the time to learn the secrets and make organic olive oil for yourself to appreciate the bounty that nature has provided.

PRICES for this incredibly unique and special health wellness vacation

$916.oo triple shared room

$1092.00 double shared room

$1292.00 single occupancy for a double room

Purchasing a wellness vacation like this one contributes to more sustainable tourism development!


October 2019 – please contact for exact dates


Limited spots to 15 participants

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Day 1
Day 1 Arrival

Arrival and accommodation in the lodgings

7:30 pm Dinner

9:00 pm Indoor opening ceremony. Guided crystal singing bowls meditation to relax and destress from the trip and re-align the energy on harmonic frequencies.

Day 2
Day 2

7:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Visiting Masseria Torre Canfore. Francesco Palano the Master Peasant of Torre Canfore will introduce the group into the Extra Vergin Olive Oil production at Torre Canfore. The olives harvesting by hands.

11:30 am Outdoor workshop. Time for hike in Torre Canfore’s lands among centenary olive trees. Energetic work with the Masters Trees.

1.00 pm Lunch at Masseria Torre Canfore and extra vergin olive oil tasting.

2:00 pm Free time for hike at Torre Canfore.

6:30 pm Visit to the “Festival della volia cazzata” in Martano, an Italian gastronomy products feast where the main actor is the olive. The “volia cazzata” is a typical kind of olive prepared every year during the olives harvest.

8.00 pm Dinner at the “Festival della volia cazzata” with Italian street food

Day 3
Day 3

8:00 am Breakfast

9:30 am Visiting the most ancient (over 3000 years old) monumental olive tree in the world at Borgagne village located into a land of monumental olive trees. Excursion on the Adriatic sea: visit to Sant’Andrea reefs in Melendugno, prizewinner of the “blue flag”, the prestigious recognition of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for pristine sea and clean sea water.

10:30 am Outdoor workshop. Yoga class and meditation on the beach. Energy work.

1:00 pm lunch at Roca on the Adriatic coast.

3:30 pm Visit to the Poetry Cave in Roca on the Adriatic coast. Free time for swimming and walking.

6:30 pm Indoor workshop

8:00 pm Dinner at Organic Tribe Salento

Day 4
Day 4

7:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Visit to “Alea” (http://www.olioalea.it), Italian company producer of Extra Vergin Olive oil “Alea” D.O.P, winner of the second prize for the second best extra vergin olive oil in the world (London, International Olive Oil Competitions, May 2018).

11:00 am Outdoor workshop. Time for hike in Alea’s lands among centenary olive trees. Energetic work with the Masters Trees.

1:00 pm There will be an olive oil tasting of different type of olives oils. Our visit will end into Alea Company show room where are presented all their products based on olive oil: beauty cream, hair lotions, skincare products, extra vergin olive oils.

1:30 pm Lunch at Organic Tribe Salento

4:30 pm Visiting the Olive Oil Museum in Giuggianello. The museum is located in a cave, inside an ancient “Frantoio Ipogeo” (dating back to the XVI century), hypogeum crusher (oil mill) (https://www.centrodiculturagiuggianello.com/museo-dell-olio)

8:00 pm Dinner at Organic Tribe Salento B&B

Day 5
Day 5

7:30 am Breakfast

8:15 am Morning yoga class

10:00 am Visit to Otranto, the East gate of Italy. Otranto is a fortified village built inside a castle located in front of the Adriatic.

1:00 pm Lunch in Otranto

3:00 pm Free time for swimming or walking on Otranto’s beaches (Otranto is prizewinner of the “blue flag”, the prestigious recognition of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for pristine sea and clean sea water)

6:00 pm Indoor multidimensional healing workshop.

8:00 pm Dinner at Organic Tribe Salento

Day 6
Day 6

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am Visit to Masseria Stali in Carpignano Salentino. From the olives to the oil, guided tour from the harvest to the oil mill.

11:00 am Outdoor workshop. Time for hike in Masseria Stali’s lands among centenary olive trees. Energetic work with the Masters Trees.

12:30 pm Olive oils tasting and shopping at Masseria Stali’s show roomp0o

1:00 pm Lunch at Masseria Stali’s farm

5:00 pm Multidimensional healing Workshop

9:30 pm Guided crystal singing bowls meditation, holding space for to sharing the travel experience

8:00 pm Dinner at Organic Tribe Salento

Day 7
Day 7


The Trip Cost Includes

  • 6 nights' accommodation
  • Daily yoga, multidimensional meditation and energy work
  • Use of yoga mats
  • 2 Crystal singing bowls meditations
  • Transportation to / from Brindisi airport
  • Transportation to / from excursions and guided tours
  • 2 Mediterranean Sea excursions
  • Daily wholesome breakfasts
  • All gourmet Mediterranean lunches
  • All gourmet Mediterranean dinners
  • Learning olive harvesting by hand
  • Learning olive oil making
  • 3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tastings
  • All guided tours and excursions on the itinerary

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Arrival, departure transfer to / from Brindisi Airport
  • *Some excursions and day trips
  • *Some lunches


Do I actually get to make olive oil?

Absolutely, Yes!

This particular experience is promoted by Organic Tribe and Torre Canfore Farmhouse

“Torre Canfore” farmhouse is one of several exclusive producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives harvested in the area of Carpignano Salentino in Apulia, Italy. The composition of the olive oil is 50% Ogliarola and 50% Coratina, which are two types of the most fine olive species most requested all over the world!

Here, only the best extra-virgin olive oil is produced. The manual harvesting of olives takes place when the olives are ripe, which is usually between October 15 and November 30th. With modern grinding systems and techniques and full compliance with health and regulatory agencies, the pressing of olives takes place.

Thus, the oil produced is subjected to an organoleptic examination with analytical checks. The oil is then stored in suitable steel silos and then bottled in well ventilated and hygienic rooms.

What other sightseeing do I get to do?

Please see the itinerary for all the wonderful spots to get a full view of this gorgeous part of Italy.

What is the cost?

Double room 2 persons: $2352.00
Double room, single occupancy: $2000.00
Triple shared room: $941.00 per person

The best deal for the price is to share a double room which works out to $1176 per person for 7 days.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

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Trip Facts

  • Yearly: Mid October to November 30
  • The Ancient Art of Olive Oil, meditation & yoga
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