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Life Changing Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru & Macchu Pichu Experience - 7 Days

Looking for a Special Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru?

There is no one Ayahuasca experience that is the same.  Why?  Because Ayahuasca is a deep and very personal experience that you must provide a personal intention.  An Ayahuasca retreat in Peru is will provide tremendous healing and a conscious transformation in your life.

The healers here come from families with long traditions in shamanism and are specialists in the plant medicine Ayahuasca.  The Q’ero priests are descendants of the Incas and bring a variety of talents.  This includes performing cleansing ceremonies including offerings to mother earth (Pachamama).  These centuries-old traditions provide an alternative healing connection to the spiritual awakening process.

Integrative Medicine Style

Etnikas has over 30 years’ experience studying and serving Inca ceremonies with Ayahuasca.  In addition to a highly experienced native Andean and Amazonian shaman, Etnikas has a multi-disciplinary health team consisting of a cardiologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, general practitioner and Emergency nurse. Recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Health for its method in performing safe Ayahuasca ceremonies, they have found a method that focuses on bringing about strong spiritual, mental and physical change which allows you to begin a new life. Personal growth is prioritized in a compassionate and loving environment.

When making an extreme life change, authenticity is invaluable. The healers we work with come from families with traditions of shamanism. The Shipibo shaman we work with are specialists in ayahuasca using centuries-old traditions and techniques. The Q’ero priests, are the direct descendant of the Incas. They bring a variety of talents, performing cleansing ceremonies as well as offerings to the mother earth (or Pachamama). Peru has a long standing tradition of priest and shaman healers. It’s because of this reason modern medicine came into the culture later on and has continued to be mixed with natural healing arts.

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