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Magical Luxury Experience to Swim With Dolphins in Hawaii - 7 Days

Aloha. Looking for a once in a lifetime experience to swim with dolphins in Hawaii?  Join Jemma Prittie, trained animal communicator, on this sacred 5 day retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Jemma’s knowledge of the dolphins habits and lifestyles is extensive.  As well, her deep connection with them will truly enhance your experience.  This is a WILD DOLPHIN experience to remember!

Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii

Fulfill your bucket-list dream of swimming beside incredible wild dolphins, giant sea turtles, amazing manta rays and perhaps even some whales.  This is a profound healing experience on the Pacific ocean and its sea life.  Immerse yourself into the magical healing energies while swimming with dolphins in Kona.  You will learn how to communicate with these beautiful creatures as well as have the opportunity for profound inner work with a very special full moon meditation and ceremony at the Big Island’s volcano to capture the magic of the moon at its zenith.  Led by a local Kumu (teacher) this is a wonderful moment for deep transformation, as you release the old energies to allow in the powerful new beginnings.

Dolphins have a way of invoking a deep sense of calm and contentment in humans as well as the power to encourage and provoke significant life changes to occur.  This amazing swim with dolphins in Kona, Hawaii experience will give you the feeling of being wholly content and in touch with nature.  You will be instilled with a new sense of wonder and the recognition that there is real magic in this world.

This is one of the best wildlife tours and guided spiritual retreats in one.

Great Spirit of the Dolphin

You will be travelling on water on a boat called “Uhane Nui O Nai’a” (Great spirit of the dolphin).  This is a custom 40 foot boat owned by “China” Mike who has been surfing and diving on the Kona Coast for over 25 years.  He is one of the most experienced seacaptains on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mike understands and knows the coastline very well.

The boats amenities include:

  • Custom built for snorkeling
  • Restroom & WARM shower
  • 25 passenger maximum
  • Very stable, smooth ride
  • Quiet engines
  • Comfortable padded seating
  • Two great ladders for easy access in & out of the water
  • PA System/multiple speaker system
  • Hydrophone for listening to whale song in season
  • Canopy for shaded areas

***NOTE: Jemma’s dolphin tours are on the KONA side of the big island of Hawaii, NOT in the area of Kilauea erupting volcano.***

Trip Dates:

July 2018 – Any time during this month

August 1 – 13, 2018


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Price From USD$5,425/person
Total $ 5,425 USD

Trip Facts

plant based diet
Ready to heal