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Nourish Your Soul With An Affordable All-Inclusive Yoga Retreat in Goa - 6 Days

This beautiful bespoke affordable all-inclusive yoga retreat will offer you refuge from the structured holiday.  Enjoy the comforts of a vacation home at this gorgeous Goa sanctuary.  While you are here, you will find a combination of many activities.  Enjoy rest and relaxation, massages, quiet walks on the beach, yoga and wholesome meals.  For more adventures you can enjoy ocean swims, bicycling and kayaking.

The nearby neighborhood has plenty of conveniences such as stores, gourmet deli and marketplaces, bars & restaurants, beach shacks, specialty shops and rustic villages.  A little further out you can find the famous Mobor Beach, local markets, churches, a museum and plenty of dance and nightlife activities.

Conscious Transformation and Adventure

The warmth and hospitality of an active holiday home will nourish your soul.  Nestled in the tranquil area of South Goa, this retreat is very charming and allows visitors to create a space for conscious transformation along with the adventurous aspects of an active lifestyle holiday.

The yoga sessions are conducted by a certified instructor on the beach as well as in-house.  Here you will learn different types of yoga practices and relaxation.  Massages are provided under the supervision of our reputed massage therapist.  Ayurveda services are delivered upon request.

Bicycles and kayaks are available and ready for you if you wish to add some excitement into your vacation.  Maybe you will see a pod of wild dolphin while on your kayak. While cycling, you may see some beautiful tropical birds as you check out the nearby villages, beaches and market.

The All-Inclusive Experience

The all-inclusive meals offered are a homemade gourmet treat inspired from a global palette of flavors.  Special meal requests are encouraged and respected with prior notice.  As well, there are cooking lessons offered from a variety of cuisines!

The stays here are designed for guests with discerning tastes who seek the luxuries of an opulent hotel, but in an large home that offers an affordable all-inclusive yoga retreat experience.  This is the ideal setting for those wanting a simple, yet tranquil place for the mind body and spirit.

The Goa beach experience is wonderful and you can get an idea of the relaxed beauty from my blog “15 Days of Mysticism and Wildlife Eco Adventures in India“.

For those who love animals, you should know that a portion of the profits with this retreat are given to GOA GPRS.  This is a local organization that contributes to the welfare and treatment of animals.

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Price From USD$900/person
Total $ 900 USD

Trip Facts

plant based diet
Ready to heal