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Enjoy Mystical Celtic Spirit Journeys in Ireland - 6 Days

This highly mystical 6 day/7 night journey, founded by Mary Meighan, is an extraordinary spiritual travel tour based in County Tipperary, Ireland. Mary’s guided Celtic Spirit Journeys bring deep love, understanding and discovery of the natural Celtic Traditions.  Learn to appreciate the deep Celtic Pagan spirituality of Ireland and the connection between the land and Celtic Spirituality. Her philosophy is to provide genuinely Celtic guided spiritual retreats.

Guided Spiritual Retreats of Celtic Traditions

Mary delivers the Celtic experience with astounding passion and knowledge and of course, injected with Irish humor!  Learn about Celtic Pagan symbols and beliefs that bring out the richness of this ancient spirituality.

During the week, you will have the opportunity to view the wild and beautiful peninsula while stopping for specific earthing Rituals at some of the Sacred Sites. The joy of the journey is experiencing mystical Celtic practices while learning about Celtic Pagan beliefs.

Hear the music, poetry, blessings and myths express the openness and wonder of the Celtic imagination. Stand on ancient sacred sites and experience the sense of presence and natural beauty while adding to your spiritual awakening process.

I highly recommend Mary’s pilgrimages, her sacred travel and her guided retreats… may all visitors to ireland re-joyce in the revival in the poetic pilgrimages that Mary specializes in…”
-Phil Cousineau, author of “The Art of Pilgrimage” and “The Book of Roads”

Ritual has a mystery within it; and the more we touch the mystery without dissecting it the deeper it becomes. Mary’s guided Celtic Spirit Journeys honour ritual’s sacredness and the understanding of Celtic Pagan spirituality.

During this seven day Celtic Retreat at the Anam Cara Retreat Centre, you will be introduced to ancient and very much alive Celtic Pagan Spirituality.

Note: Single rooms are available at Anam Cara. However, if full, individuals stay in a single room with a private bathroom in Eyeries village, at a local B&B (a short walk away). Breakfast is available at the B&B or at Anam Cara.  Lunch and Dinner are held at Anam Cara.
A non-refundable deposit of $275 is required to reserve a spot on this special Celtic retreat.

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Day 1
Saturday Arrival

A very warm Failte – Welcome to Ireland and the magical Valley of Glendalough. You are joining us for a week of stepping into the mystical, yet earthy Celtic Spiritual Tradition. Settle in and then we gather together for a welcome dinner at about 8:00pm at the Anam Cara Retreat Centre.

Day 2
Day 1 - Opening Gathering

Our Opening Celtic Gathering where we will begin to share with you some of the treasures of Celtic Pagan Spirituality, its Wisdom, Tradition and Practice. We will share how our Seven Day Celtic Retreat will unfold. It is a lived experience of Celtic Spirituality so in that Spirit we will begin with a Celtic Ritual.

Your heart’s understanding of Celtic Spirituality will come through the weaving of Celtic blessings, stories, music, song, chant, poetry, and Celtic Ritual and Ceremony all from the Celtic Wisdom Tradition during our days together on Retreat. This Celtic Spirituality Retreat will offer you a deep sense of of Celtic Spirituality, an opportunity to move within the heart of our ancient, yet living Spiritual tradition. It truly is a lived experience and so from today onwards you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our traditional Celtic ways of being.

Hear the poetry of our Celtic mystical poets…. poetry that will reach into and touch your hearts. Hear Celtic chants – some in our native language – Gaeilge, and learn these beautiful chants. In the afternoon we will go on a journey around this wild and beautiful peninsula stopping at the Cailleach Beara, touching into the ancient Goddess energy with a Celtic Ritual to begin to connect with the Goddess of this area. Begin to ground yourself in the wild and mystical land of Éire.

Day 3
Day 2

This morning our Celtic Gathering will introduce you to the Spirit of Brigid – our Goddess and Celtic Saint, hear some of the stories, prayers, blessings, chants and music associated with Brigid. Participate in a Brigid Sacred Celtic Fire Ritual, that will release and renew your spirit and kindle your own inner fire. Be blessed by water from Brigid’s Holy Well tuning into the deep Spirit of Brigid, so beloved in Ireland.

Become familiar with poetry, blessings, song and chants calling Brigid’s Spirit close to ours. A Brigid Water Ritual with Holy Water from Her Goddess Well to soothe the Spirit. Some time for personal inner reflection as you move inward with Brigid as your Guide.

Following dinner in the evening we will have the pleasure of being joined by a local seanachai (an Irish storyteller), so settle back and let the stories flow over and around you.

Day 4
Day 3

Our Retreat takes place at a very special time in our Celtic Calendar….. at Samhain… the beginning of the Celtic New Year. Hear about the Celtic Calendar and how we move through the seasons each year. Experience how this connects us to the land, ourselves and community, supporting us to live within nature and acknowledging the Celtic Spiral of life. I will share some of the blessings and invocations that support us through the seasons.

Be drawn into the energy of Samhain…..the Celtic New Year with a Samhain Ritual. Some time for Samhain led Retreat. As sunset draws near travel out the Peninsula to a Sacred Site and be part of a Ritual on this Special Day drawing your energy deeper within this mystical landscape. Tonight we will share a celebratory meal together and some songs and music.

Day 5
Day 4

This morning of the guided Celtic Retreat is giving yourself the gift of time and space to allow the Celtic Spirit flow through and around you to sense the places in your heart where this Retreat is stirring.

In the afternoon I will share with you some of our Celtic Practices ….powerful Practices that you can bring into your life at home. Experience some of these Celtic Practices as they support your Retreat within the Celtic Wisdom Tradition.

At our Celtic Gathering this afternoon begin to step deeper into the spirit of our Celtic Tradition experiencing the gentle yet powerful place of Blessing within our Spiritual Tradition and how it weaves through our lives sustaining and enriching. Be blessed by water from Gobnait’s Holy Well in County Kerry. Following dinner there is an opportunity to gather again for evening Celtic Chanting and Celtic Blessing bringing you gently into the evening and rest.

Day 6
Day 5

The morning of this Celtic Gathering, we will be focusing on the importance of Thresholds. Be guided in a Threshold Ritual at this liminal time of year. During these days you are journeying into the beauty and serenity of the mystical, yet earthy Celtic Spiritual Tradition and this Threshold Ritual will support you with this inner journey with quiet time for supporting your inner journey.

In the afternoon travel out along the Beara to the sea shore with time for walking and appreciating our connection with the natural world. Participate in a Celtic Ritual of presence and harmony at the water’s edge.

An evening opportunity to watch a documentary evoking the landscape and spirit…..

Day 7
Day 6

A morning of reflection and Retreat gives you the opportunity to sense how the Celtic Spirit has been gathering around you during this week of journeying within the Celtic Spiritual Tradition and begin the weaving of these strands.

Our Celtic Gathering in the afternoon continues the weaving of this time of Celtic Retreat together allowing the poems, music, chants, blessings and prayers of the ancient land of Éire add an inspirational richness to your life and to those who share your life. Sense the Celtic Wisdom Tradition nurturing and inspiring you.

Re-new your Spirit and receive Brigid’s Sacred Flame in a Celtic Ceremony. Weave the strands of this Sacred Celtic Retreat together through this closing gathering and make ready for the path onwards with Celtic Blessings whispering in your hearts.

The Celtic Retreat ends with a celebratory dinner this evening. As we part ways at the end of the week you will travel home or onwards in Ireland with the Celtic Spirit within your hearts and on your lips…..

Day 8
Day 7

Departure is after breakfast at the Retreat Centre or your guesthouse nearby.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Accommodation at Anam Cara Retreat Centre
  • All meals are included from Saturday evening through to the following Saturday breakfast
  • A half day bus tour of the Beara Peninsula to visit to Sacred Sites
  • A visit to Holy Well and at Stone Circle
  • Earthing Rituals at some of the Sacred Sites
  • Poetry, blessings, singing and chants
  • Storytelling and other retreat activities
  • Celebration of Samhain... the beginning of the Celtic New Year with a visit to another Sacred Site

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel to and from Anam Cara Retreat Centre

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