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Profound Horse Therapy Programs in USA, Jordan and Italy - 6 Days

Imagine having a deep horse encounter, unlike any other you have experienced…  These profound horse therapy programs held in Jordan and Italy are bound to strength of your connection to your higher inner being “source”.  This is mind body and spirit work with the help of a 4 legged friend and wise soul, the horse.

Are Horses Therapeutic?

Horses as “therapists” are on the rise as a new form of natural healing arts! People are benefiting from programs employing horses around the world.  Just as we see more “emotional support animals” with people, horses provide nourishment for the spirit, including mental health benefits for survivors of trauma. One of the most beneficial horse therapies is improving the healing of the soul.

Horses can help you with:

  • moving through difficult passages in your life such as grief or entering a new phase of life
  • resolving inner conflict by breaking through stuck areas of your life
  • assist you in your own spiritual awakening process
  • clarifying your goals and having the courage to follow through
  • tapping into your body’s innate wisdom to enable your full capacity

How does the horse therapy program work?

The horse is a highly sensitive animal with the intuitive ability to detect slight shifts in the energies around them.  It is their nature to respond, like a mirror, and reflect the energy in their environment.  Your energy and body language, no matter how subtle, are felt by the horse immediately.  Horses can sense your genuine feelings, your souls longing and your deep inner emotions.  Through this sensation, they will respond to help guide and teach you.  The magic here is that they identify the habitual somatic language you are speaking subconsciously and REVEAL the underlying emotions that trigger it.

The horse can sense when your mind is aligned with your heart and soul.  The horse can sense what you care about.  If a horse is refusing to follow you, moving away from you or displaying nervous behavior, the likelyhood is your energy is blocked or confused.  The immediate feedback the horse gives you will help you identify this, so that you can change your energy.

Horses are masters at moving and release energy which will help you to release what no longer serves you.  Letting go of old baggage and hesitation will help you move into the next phase of your life with ease, clarity and focus.  This retreat is spiritual travel at its best.

Reach Your Potential through Greater Wellness!

Horse Therapy ProgramsThese horse therapy programs are taught by Hallie Bigliardi and Ashley Smith.  Ashley holds advanced certification in Equine Guided Education, a somatic based method of coaching with horses.

With her knowledge and understanding of the horse, you will be guided through the process of learning about your own energy.

This natural healing retreat is a horse therapy program like no other.  Give yourself a chance at a full life and experience this beautiful healing connection between you and the horse.


More details to come on exact travel dates!

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The Trip Cost Includes

  • Building somatic awareness of self and of the horse
  • Understanding relationship and leadership with horses
  • Working through disconnects, challenges and anxiety
  • Furthering somatic practices to balance and center one’s self
  • Listening to the horse, evaluating pressure and response: what is too little, what is too much
  • Embodying a safe leadership presence
  • Training: What is your horse learning from you and is it what you intend?
  • Coffee, tea, healthy snacks and lunches will be provided onsite.

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel (Lodging available at the nearby)

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Profound Horse Therapy Programs in USA, Jordan and Italy
From $ 1,299
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Yearly: May and August Retreats
  • Developing somatic awareness and healing
plant based diet
Ready to heal