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Volunteer for Wildlife Conservation at Kruger National Park in South Africa - 7 Days

Volunteer for wildlife conservation at Kruger National Park!  This awesome volunteer experience will provide you with incredible knowledge of the park’s ecosystem while getting in touch with nature.  It is specifically aimed at those who desire a more in-depth bush experience.  This exciting volunteer opportunity consists of two parts:

  • Learning about the incredible elements of nature and their interconnectedness to the ecosystem
  • Learning and experiencing different aspects of typical safari guide training

Why Volunteer at Kruger National Park?

This volunteer experience is ideal for the adventurous spirit who seeks to gain a better understanding of nature and the environment, while experiencing the excitement of bush safari.  As well, you learn the following:

  • how to drive a 4×4
  • identify common birds and animal behavior
  • identify plants, common trees and shrubs
  • understand animal tracks and how to track game!

Other subjects covered in this incredible volunteer course:

  • ecology
  • astronomy
  • orientation and navigation
  • bush skills
  • positioning the vehicle for photography
  • correct use of binoculars

Venues at Kruger National Park

Karongwe Camps

The Karongwe Camp is on the banks of the Karongwe River (dry river bed).  This 9000 hectare (22,239 acre) game reserve is south-west of Kruger National Park.  Three rivers flow through Karongwe Game Reserve, which are tributaries of the Olifants River.  Distinct vegetation zones are represented including mixed Lowveld and Mopane bushveld along with riverine vegetation, grass savannah and rocky outcrops.  This vegetation is within the Savannah Biome of South Africa.

Makuleke Camp

The Pafrui region is an area that spans 24,000 hectares (59,305 acres).  It is situated between the Limpopo and the Luvuvhu Rivers in the northern section of Kruger National Park.  Within the Pafuri section is the Makuleke Concession.  This is the ancestral home of the Makuleke people, one of the most diverse and scenically attractive areas in all of Kruger National Park.

The best part about this for you is that Makuleke Concession is not accesible to the average tourist. This is because this area belongs to the Makuleke community.  After many long years of struggle, the Makuleke people have been reinstated in the community since 1998 (after being removed in 1968).  Considered one of the most wild and remote parts of Kruger National Park, this area has a lot to offer.  From wild vegetation, great wildlife viewing and the best birding, this area is filled with folklore of the early explorers and ancient civilizations.

To volunteer for wildlife conservation is to give back in a tremendous way, while giving yourself the trip of a lifetime.

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